Vintage China Teapots to Hire

The Vintage Teacup Queen® offers you a choice of vintage teapots, carefully selected to mix and match with our teacups. Each teapot can hold about six cups of tea.

Our standard package includes enough teapots for the number of guests expected at your event, but you can also select individual items to suit your needs.

White china teapot with tiny roses to hire from the Vintage Teacup Queen for high tea
Vintage china teapot with floral sprays to hire from the Vintage Teacup Queen for high tea.
Vintage china teapot to hire for high tea events

Cake Stands to Hire

Our range of three-tiered cake stands (and two-tiered cake stands) will add an extra touch of sophistication to your tea table.

Remember Me 2-tier cake stand with pale blue forget-me-not flowers
three-tier vintage cake stands with food - to hire
cake stand for high tea hire

Serving Utensils and Napkins

We have a small range of vintage serving utensils such as cake lifters, sugar spoons and sugar tongs. We have over 70 sets of cake forks and teaspoons in the lovely Camille pattern and a variety of other matching sets in varying quantities.

Vintage silverware on a vintage china plate.

View our pricing page and contact us to make your booking.